Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Not to Sew

Don't sew when you are tired...
or drunk
or angry
or... I don't know, I'm out... As I've implied, I'm tired... but I may have tried all in the past with varying degrees of failure.  :)  Tonight was no different.

Today was the last day of school with students.  We have to go back tomorrow for a full day of grading, and cleaning, and celebrating, but tonight I felt crafty.  I wanted to get a start on a project for The Challenge.  My mistake was simple, I pushed it too far.  I should have stopped but thought, oh, I'll just do one more thing...  that one last thing was a big mistake I'll have to rip apart tomorrow.

Oh well!  I'm just excited that summer is almost here!  I'm going to miss many of my students but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with themselves!  AND... I do believe The Challenge begins in two days!!!

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