Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zebra Dresser Tutorial

Project #2 of The Challenge is complete!

I spent the holiday weekend working on this dresser and just finished up tonight!  I originally wanted wanted to create something fun for Ellie's bedroom. But as the project evolved, I realized it's not quite right for her room, but is perfect for the groovy vibe I want to create in the basement play room (see future blog posts, this is just a figment of my imagination right now...)
I can't seem to find the before pictures - but you can imagine, old, press board dresser.  I got it from my grandmother earlier this year when she downsized from assisted living to a nursing home.

Step 1 - Paint it white - I used 2 cans of spay paint - but you could use anything you have laying around

Step 2 - Sketch out the stripes with pencil.  I used google images to find some inspiration.  It was a lot easier than trying to free hand it from memory.  Don't be too picky because zebra's are not all uniform!

Step 3 - Black paint - I bought a tiny pint of glossy black paint and brushed it on with a cheap children's art brush.  Again, don't freak if you're not perfect.  It will turn out great!

Alterations I wish I would have thought of before starting - I wish I had thought to put a layer of crackle finish on before painting it white.  I think the distressed look would be cool, but I'm happy with how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

this turned out great!

Jacque said...

I love this!!! It looks great! :) I would love if you stopped by with some of your vintage tutorials, crafts, or recipes that have been passed down through your family on my new linky party "Sundae Shake Up" at It is up now, if you wanna start the fun! Thanks for following me, and I am most definitely following your blog! Have a terrific "Sundae"!