Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deals and Steals

I haven't posted much this week - It was a busy one!

On Wednesday, my amazing aunt and I worked out a deal on these beautiful 2nd hand couches!  (Excuse the messy basement) I've wanted upholstered outdoor furniture FOREVER!  These need a little work but I'm so excited!  Has anyone ever redone cushions like this?  There is a batrillion pillows.  I've been researching canvas fabric but how well does it hold up to WI summers?  I'll bring them in for the winter.  I decided on an espresso color for the wicker and picked up some paint on Friday.  Tonight I tried it out for the first time and like how it turned out.  Any guesses on how many coats it will take? 3? 4? 20?

This is my progress after 30 minutes...

 I hope to have them done before summer is over!  
I also whipped up these bibs!

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