Friday, July 15, 2011

Brownie Covered Oreos

What's not to love?  Brownie - Good, Oreo - Good,
Brownie Covered Oreos... GREAT!

At a meeting this week these were served for a snack and I was very impressed.  I thought I would give them a try for our family picnic this weekend.

Ingredients -
1. Brownie mix and respective ingredients
2. Oreos

Prepare the brownies as directed, open package of oreos, and dip.
The directions I had were to use a muffin tin and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  I also applied sprinkles to the brownies before baking to jazz them up a little bit!

It was amazing that one family size brownie mix for a 9X13 pan was the perfect amount of batter to cover one package of Oreos.  I would have been o.k with a few oreos left over, but I'm glad I didn't have to waste any brownie mix.  Upon tasting the recipe my husband thought I should have used mint Oreos and I suggested Coffee.

I only have one 12 serving muffin tin and I didn't feel like waiting to put another batch in, so after dipping 12 oreos, I put them on a cookie sheet.

This is what they turned out like...

Actually, I don't mind the gloppy look.  They were the perfect combination of crunchy and gooey.  Plus, if you trim off the extra and make your family eat it, you can take the pretty Oreos to the event.

(Am I the only one that makes the husband eat the rejects?)

Here is what they looked like out of the muffin tin!

And of course, what goes well with brownies?
But strawberries... Well for my daughter.  I'm going to warm one of these babies up and have it with some ice cream!

What a wonderful summer day!

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