Friday, July 8, 2011

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Project #3 of The Challenge is complete!  I made a...
T-Shirt Dress!
It turned out great and I learned a lot while making it, However my model was not in the mood for a photo session.  (Please ignore the mess, we were multi-tasking with blogging and laundry) It was SO easy.  Remember, before I started this blog I had never sewn anything other than a straight line for a quilt, so my sewing level is truly beginner. I tried to take a ton of pictures, so it looks complicated, but it really was easier than the t-shirt from challenge #1!  
I started with the basic shape of the dress.  I cut the pattern using a clothing gift box and looking at one of Ellie's existing dresses inside out.  You can see it is just a rough a-line.  
The fabric I used was an old work shirt of my husbands.  Basic t-shirt material.  Notice I used the bottom hem of the shirt for the bottom of the dress?  It saves time and looks more professional when done.  
I cut the front and a back at the same time (see pins to keep it from slipping) and then sewed them together.  

Now for the sleeves.  I used the same pattern from the t-shirt project.  It is just a simple shape.  I also used the finished hem of the shirt sleeves for the bottom of the sleeve (this is important for the elastic later).  
See?  I was able to thread the elastic through the finished hem on the sleeve.  Handy?  Right?  
Once you have the elastic threaded, scrunch it up to size, fold it in half (right sides together) to sew down the side.  
Make sure you sew all the way down to the edge to catch the elastic.  You can sew through it a couple of times to make sure it stays put.  Next you pin the sleeve inside the dress (remember to turn it right side out first)
To imbilish the dress I used quilt binding.  Next I pinned it around the neck opening of the dress, keeping in mind I would need room for elastic.  (You wouldn't even need to put elastic in the neck opening if you didn't want to)
I did the same for a waistband.  Then I sewed along the top and the bottom of the waistband leaving room in the middle for elastic (also optional).   
If you are going to make an elastic neck opening and waistband, you will need to save room to insert it.  
I had some help putting the elastic in the dress...  What a good little helper?
Once the elastic is in, cut it to size and finish sewing up the openings.  You now have a pretty little dress for your pretty little girl! 
I made a cute little diaper cover too!  Details on that at a later date!

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Jeni_Ream said...

Hi Sarah! I am a new blogger too! This is my second week blogging! I just LOVE your little dress and bloomers! I haven't tried to make bloomers yet. I am looking forward to your post on them! ;) It is so fun to make new Blogger Friends!!!

Jeni @ Becoming Martha

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.