About Sarah

Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin, I have two amazing parents and a hilarious sister.  I knew I was a teacher since age five I created worksheets for my little sister (she was also my first classroom management experience, since she did not want to complete said worksheets).  I attended UW-Stout, majored in Marketing Education, studied abroad in a palace in Scotland, had a ton of fun, and graduated with a pretty darn good GPA.

I began my teaching career in Highland, WI, a wonderful little hamlet with great, wholesome, people.  After two years I was offered my dream job in Sun Prairie, WI.  Although high stress and under-appreciated, I love teaching.  It is difficult in the political climate we are in to explain, but the joys of teaching high school students Marketing is truly unnumbered.

I married my college boytoy in June of 2006 and we bought our home in Lake Mills.  In May of 2010 we welcomed our Ellie into the world.  Ellie (Gabrielle Alyce) is a happy baby and a daily gift.

During my precious free time I love to spend time with my family.  My sister had her first child 5 months before Ellie and we have grown so much closer.  We really enjoy the time we spend together.  I also love to read, watch stupid t.v, and craft.  My mediums of choice include any and all fibers.  I crochet and sew mostly.  I'm very self taught and rarely follow patterns to a t.  I'm a little bad ass that way.  :)