Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How is it 9pm already?

O.k, I'm really going to do this. This blog was really started as a joke. Well a joke and an experiment. Really I was just playing around with blogger to use as an example for class. Now, two and a half years later... I'm BAAAACK! Things have changed. I'm still a full time teacher, I'm still economicly challenged (but who isn't?), I'm still married to a great fella, and I'm still into trying out some neato crafts. But now I'm a mother. Ellie, my beautiful and sweet daughter turned one last yesterday.
In the last few weeks I have really been turned on to these amazing blogs and I've been thinking, I can totally do this! I think it might be a perfect way to combine my creativity, love of marketing, and limitless opinions. I'm writing this down so I'll actually do it.
Here are my reservations:
1. Will I write clever enough?
2. Time? Who's got it?
3. wouldn't it be funny if this is my last post for another 2 1/2 years?
Here are my observations:
1. I'm pretty brutal with these blogs - they have to hook me in pretty quick
2. Although I'm a fan of Jesus, seems like everyone in the craft blogging world is a HUGE fan of him.
3. Everyone seems to have a hook, like the Julie / Julia project, or the Red Paper clip - a gimick for their posts - a theme or an overarching concept. My idea - can I make and document 10 things this year? doesn't seem very ambitious.
hmmmmm - off to bed.