Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Bib with Left Over T-shirts

Teachers don't work in the summer, right?  So yesterday, after a full day of work at school with the kids, I felt a little crafty, but not too much. (this was at 9:30pm - I still wanted to get to bed at a reasonable time)

I saw this great tutorial at http://sewlikemymom.com/shirt-bibs/ for this cute bib made from the top of a t-shirt.

I flew through the project, so I don't have any pictures as I went.  It took me 35 minutes from start to finish and let me tell you, this is my kind of project.  (no picky edges, you barely have to pin and straight lines to sew - I talked on the phone to 3 people as I was working on it.  Can you say multi-task, yeah, I'm kinda a big deal)

I still have to put the elastic in the neck, but I feel more of these will be in my future.

I have a terrible week this week - all meetings, conferences, and classes so I may not be posting very much.

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