Monday, June 13, 2011

Prep'n for the Rally

Tomorrow is a big day is Wisconsin.  And I don't mean big in a good way, unless you like ramrodded legislation that benefits big business and the wealthiest 2% at the cost of drastically cutting services to the people that need it most.  I'm a teacher this effects me, but more importantly, I'm a mother and this makes me sick.

 This is not my political outlet, so I won't continue on the issues, however I must post this latest craft.  Ellie and I will be attending the rally tomorrow.  This by no means is Ellie's first rally.  She went canvasing at 4 months, voting at 5 months, and rallying at 9 and 10 months (see picture below).  Regardless of your political affinity, we believe in teaching civics at an early age.

For my fashionable Ellie Bean, I made the following shirt.  This time I decided to use a fabric stabilizer because of the overlapping pieces.  I hate the way it looks on the edges, but was so much easier to sew.  I used a onesie I had on hand, so this doesn't count as completion of a project for The Challenge, but it sure was fun!  Pics of the model in her outfit tomorrow!

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