Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Diabolical Duo

Ellie wearing the shirt I made for her as we spent a beautiful summer day at the Wisconsin Capitol demonstrating with thousands of other teachers, police officers, firemen, and public employees.  Although the outcome was disappointing, I'm so proud of my friends, family, and the countless others lending their support to education, the middle class, the environment, etc.  I'm proud that I have these pictures to show my daughter that she participated in a movement that will be studied in school.

And what a good girl she was!  and what a dirty girl I brought home!  I'm surprised the bathwater wasn't black!  After the rally we went to visit Auntie A and Cousin R at her salon and I got a haircut and die job, so please ignore the terrible locks on the proud educator!  They were fixed shortly after the picture was taken.  Tomorrow we leave on vacation to Orlando, Fl with my family.  I'm very much looking forward to lots of laughs, junk food, and making memories.  I probably won't be posting, but I will be working on a project for The Challenge!  Until then... Have a great summer!

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