Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project 1 - Version 2

So I sat on the couch tonight after Ellie went to bed and thought about my choices.  Choice number one: take a shower and go to bed early, maybe read a little of the book I started in April and haven't touched since.  Lay there with the fan on and the cool breeze from the window, it's a beautiful night in Wisconsin.  Choice number two: work on The Challenge.  I picked choice two.  See for yourself if you think that was the correct choice.

I already had a start on the T-shirt (Version 2) from before vacation.  I'll refresh your memory (see picture):  Version one was a bust for two reasons (1) neck size and width and (2) flappy things.

I had already cut the pieces for another shirt while I was making version one (a good idea that I will continue in the future) so I thought it should be easy to modify.

I thought I could add to the width and neck size by adding sporty little racing stripes up the side of the shirt and make sure I tucked the flappies in.

Here is the shirt with the racing stripes sewn on.  It has potential right?  Color blocking on athletic apparel is very in this year.  :)

It looked great so I added the sleeves and started thinking about how cute Ellie will look in this and her denim shorts at our luncheon tomorrow...

Then I turned it right side out...

And laughed to myself at how awkward I am with these shirts.  How did I screw up this time you ask???

Yes, I did sew the sleeve on backwards and leave the little flappy thing out on the second sleeve!  See the up close picture below and you can admire my unfinished edge on the sleeve.
Well the first sleeve looks good at any rate.  :)

I'm leaving it until tomorrow, to try it on my Beanie girl and see how the size fits before I think about seam ripping or starting over.  :)

Oh well, it's still early and the breeze is still blowing - perfect sleeping weather in Wisconisn!

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