Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Wow!  What an amazing vacation!  I'm such a lucky girl to have such a great family!  Not everyone can have fun driving 1400 miles to Florida with two one year olds but we sure can!  We took our time on the way down, stopping at the end of Illinois, Nashville, and Macon.  The babies did wonderfully!  Truly only two meltdowns the entire trip!
Highlights:  Ellie loved It's a Small World - of course!
Loved the house we rented (how can you not love having your own pool!)
So much fun spending time with family.

But I feel like I haven't taken a breath at all in June!  First - finals and the last day of School on June 10th.  Then - one weekend to pack and of course the Rally (see previous post).  Off for 15 wonderful days of vacation (I'm so not complaining)!  Then back (straight) to a class at MATC (I didn't even go home first) for two days.  whoa!

I did spend some time thinking about The Challenge!  I have some big plans and hope to start working on them tomorrow!  Can't wait!

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